Want some Beyond Good and Evil 2 news? Then tune in to the dev stream today

Ubisoft got everyone’s attention with the surprise reveal of Beyond Good and Evil 2 at this year’s E3 and we’ve been waiting for some news on the project since then. Well, you won’t have to wait that much longer as they plan to do a dev stream today giving us a progress update.

The Space Monkey Report live stream will take place at 7pm today to give us some updates as well as the opportunity to have some questions answered about the game that have made the rounds since its reveal. The game’s director, Michel Ancel, said that he intended for the game’s development to be transparent and involve fans along the way ensuring that constructive community input would help develop a game for the players.

The stream will be available on Youtube, Twitch, and Facebook. Now you have something to look forward to tonight while keeping your toes warm up here in the north or cooling down after a long, hot day for our readers in the west. What do you expect from this stream and what questions would you like to have answered?

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