Bayonetta 3 announced for Nintendo Switch, along with Bayonetta 1 and 2 port

Fans of the very popular Umbra witch had only one way to play the popular sequel in the last generation and that was on the very unpopular Nintendo Wii U. Well, your luck is about to change as she’s about to sweep you off your feet and gun you down with her feet hand guns on the Nintendo Switch.

The Game Awards were hosted last night in Los Angeles and big thing took place while you were sleeping. Both Bayonetta 1 and 2 is being ported to the Switch and will land at retailers as soon as 16 February 2018 (that’s just over three months from now). If you missed out on the series before this is now the perfect time to get a look at it.

Nintendo being Nintendo had held a killer card close to their chest and with that they revealed Bayonetta 3 that is being developed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Below you’ll find a mere teaser trailer without any confirmation on whether it’ll be a 2018 release, but here’s hoping:

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