Video: Five reasons why Battlefront II deserves your time

For those Star Wars Battlefront II fans out there I hope you are enjoying the new The Last Jedi challenges. I have almost completed my first round of challenges as The First Order and I can’t wait for the new maps and heroes that are coming out next week December 13th. To all those people that didn’t pick up the game at launch here are five reasons why I think you need to pick up Star Wars Battlefront II right this minute.

I have really enjoyed my time with the game so far and have been banking my battle points in anticipation of The Last Jedi DLC. It was really hard to try and put together a list of only five things I really enjoy about Star Wars Battlefront II because, in all honesty, I could think of easily 20 reasons I prefer the sequel over the original. With that said check out my personal top five picks for why you need to check out Star Wars Battlefront II below and let me know if you agree?

Disclaimer: This post was paid for. The video was made in-house and we chose the tone and topic for it. 

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  • Nick de Bruyne

    This game has a lot of potential, but in its current state its just not worth most people’s money in my opinion, especially not with the competition that’s out there. I legitimately hope that they rework it and get it to a point where everyone jumps on board and we have a great Star Wars game to play for a long time

  • AndriyP

    This is just sad.

  • ReverendFunk

    Just let this this steaming pile of trash die. But I guess advertisers must be satisfied…

  • Global_Saffer

    No thanks EA, you’ve ruined it.

  • NORMALLY i’m totally ok with you folks doing whatever you want. and i get and understand that you have to pay the bills somehow, but going to bat for ea in this case is…not a good look for sagamer. the next time this sort of thing comes up, please seriously consider the message you’re sending to your readers.

    [i do understand, also, that there’s probably /some/ pressure on you to do stuff like this. if you don’t, you maybe lose access to ea things. but a) you’re not losing a lot and b) they can cut off “direct access to developers and whatnot” but they CAN’T stop you from reviewing games/having an opinion. and that’s primarily – i assume – why most of your readers are here.]

    • Valshen

      There are a few things I want to clarify on this video, because I feel like people are jumping to conclusions about how these things are organised and done.

      Firstly, the idea to have features (both video and written) for Star Wars Battlefront II was decided well before the game was released, or even that beta with the microtransaction multiplayer.

      Secondly, regardless of whether we make paid for content or not, we do pick the topics, tone and message ourselves. No company saw this before it went live. No marketing company told us what points they want covered (you know like how some youtubers do things and hide that it is paid for). This was Dave’s idea for the video and Dave has fallen in love with the MP of SWBFII. I don’t get it, nobody on the team gets it, but he keeps pouring hours into this game.

      As to the pressure? The only “pressure” is that we have a signed quote saying we will make X videos and Y feature posts on Battlefront II to get advertising money. Which means the pressure is from OUR side, not EA’s side to do the videos. People keep telling us they won’t disable adblocker and to find an alternative and we are trying.

      I have seen many people coming forward calling us paid shills and the like and it really isn’t the case and pretty unfair because nobody has even bothered to check if Dave liked the game or not. I am not saying you are saying that, but I am replying once to this and you are one of our most level-headed readers.

      I get it, people don’t like the game. I dislike the progression system being tied to RNG and fighting someone who does X% more damage than me just because he has a special card that I don’t isn’t fun at all. But some people do and well, Dave is one of them. I can pretty much guarantee you that if this video wasn’t paid for, he probably would have made a video like this at some point *anyway* to tell people why he enjoys it so much.

      If there are more questions I am happy to answer them, but I am not writing pages out just for the hell of it.

  • Ryan Boyd

    I think everyone has the right to their opinion on a game, however jumping to conclusions and insulting game developers and game reviewers and writers should never be acceptable. I enjoy the game and spend a lot of time in it. It has a lot to fix in terms of progression and hope EA comes to the party to make gamers happy. Besides the progression system, I think the game is a lot of fun for Star Wars fans. Thanks David for the article!

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