A free VR mode speeds its way to Wipeout Omega Collection in 2018

Alright, let’s remove the little white elephant from the room. By now everyone and their dog will know that I’m a massive fan of the Wipeout series. Last year when Wipeout Omega Collection was announced at PSX 2016 I ran around my house like an excited kid on a Christmas morning. It’s my lovechild on Sony’s platform. Now a VR mode is being added to the game.

At PSX 2017 Shawn Layden had a few tricks up his sleeve and one of these was a VR mode for Wipeout Omega Collection. It’ll launch at no additional cost for owners of the game in early 2018. From the video below you can see that you’ll find yourself sitting inside the ship. Talking about ships – there will be new ships included in the DLC. If ever there was going to be a video game that tests your nerves and stomach for handling VR it’s going to be this particular one. If fast movement and vertigo is a problem in your life it’s probably something you are going to want to avoid.

For the rest as batsh!t excited as I am, here is that announcement trailer:

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