SA Gamer Awards 2017: Biggest Fail

Not every game in any given year can be a winner. And with the way publishers carry on, it’s not even a surprise anymore if something just completely falls flat or makes us all collectively sigh in discontent. 2017 brought the thunder with many moments where our faces got well acquainted with our palms. The extent of it was so bad that we had some heated arguments trying to decide which game deserved this prestigious award. If we didn’t expressly focus on games, the publishers would have dominated this category (can you guess which?).

However, the decision came down to which game failed the hardest this year and when we considered all of the evidence and parameters and put personal grudges aside, there was only really one contender for this coveted award. A game that failed so monumentally that it borders on being a tragedy. And that’s none other than:


CliffyB, the industry’s very own showman, was rather proud of his defiant push against the evil AAA games industry. His promises were honourable and his dreams big. A hero shooter that was only $30, had no scummy DLC and was made by passionate game designers for the love of gaming. LawBreakers released to relatively good praise, a little hype on the train and at first you’d think that this shooter would compete with the likes of Overwatch.

It didn’t.

For reasons that are still a bit of a mystery, the game turned into a ghost town in record time. Looking at the Steamspy charts is a trip down Tragedy Avenue as the game’s meagre concurrent players cannot even compete with some off-brand indie titles out there. The most recent statistic, which is on the 11th of December, says that the peak concurrent players was 16. That isn’t even enough people to make a good party, let alone a much-hyped shooter that is actually fun.

The thing is, we have no bad blood towards CliffyB or even LawBreakers as a game. CliffyB’s arrogance wasn’t always welcome, but he did believe in something honourable. The reasons for the failure can be numerous. Maybe Overwatch was just too big of a competitor. Maybe the market was saturated with multiplayer-only shooters already. Maybe the world was simply just not ready for a game such as LawBreakers. Regardless, it is undoubtedly one of the biggest failures of the year.

Runner-Up: Star Wars Battlefront II
Dishonourable Mention: For Honor, FIFA on Switch, YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

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