SA Gamer Awards 2017: Biggest Turd

It’s a harsh reality but not all games can be great. Games release to certain degrees of quality, with some achieving greatness while others miss the mark completely. I guess this is kinda useful as we only have a finite amount of time for games over the year and it would be crazy if everything released was a must play title. Now while most mediocre games will be lost to time, some of the worst games will stick with us for years to come. Much like the gems of 2017, we’ll also remember the turds of 2017 and the following game is the worst offender of the lot.

Vroom in the night sky

The release of the Switch was a pretty big deal, people weren’t completely sold on the idea at launch and the system needed great games to build the public’s confidence. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild was a fantastic way to do it and Vroom in the night sky was the complete opposite. The first red flag should have been the lower case title, but with poor localisation and the lack of much of a challenge, the game was a poor title for the Switch to have at launch. Fortunately, the game flew mostly under the radar but that doesn’t make things any better. Vroom in the night sky is a rather unsightly blemish on the Switch’s rather impressive library and provides a good example of what Nintendo should not allow on their enjoyable new console.

Runner-Up: Rugby 18
Dishonourable Mention: Double Dragon 4, loot boxes, Micro Machines: World Series

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