Feature: How to create the games room of your dreams

As gamers we all have that one dream in our life – to one day own our own house with our very own games room that’s filled from top to bottom with games and everything that surrounds our favourite pastime. Setting up your own games room is an exciting prospect, but there are some important aspects to making it something special. Unfortunately it’s not a cost effective exercise to get that perfect games room, so best you consider Household Insurance before splurging out and buying everything your eyes see. Below we’ve compiled some tips to help you out.

Measure everything

Before jumping head first into the games room of your dreams you are going to have to measure everything and create a layout of what would work best for you. Remember, you are going to need shelving, a TV cabinet, a chair or sofa, and all the other bells and whistles to make it an awesome experience, such as mounting your surround sound 5.1 speaker system. Taking your time to measure everything out gives you a better idea of what challenges lie ahead of you, and puts you on the front foot.


This comes down to you as an individual. If you’re a gamer from the digital age who does not own a single physical game then you can skip right to the next point. Alright, you’re still here? Good, shelving is very important. It’s simple enough to store your games in a cupboard, but having custom shelves built for your games is a much better solution. It brings an ease of access to your titles, and you have the entire length and height of your wall to work with. Getting someone in to install shelves for your games room is important, so keep this in mind when working on your available space. These shelves won’t only be used for games, as stacking your amazing figurines and other décor items will bring a unique style to your room.


You want the darkest, thickest curtains money can buy to keep those harmful and bright sun rays out. Blockout is your friend. That’s it. Next.


Gamers who get going with their own games room often forget about this one critical ingredient in keeping your gaming room sexy for all to drool over. No matter how impressive your setup might be, having messy cables lying around destroys any theme you’re trying to recreate. Be that retro, classy, modern or stylish – you best make sure you have a tidy cable setup that hides the mess. Cable ties or Velcro will do the perfect job at making it just that little bit neater, but you’re going to want to invest in a cable tube (picture above). It gets rid of the most obvious cabling staring you in the face. Unfortunately you can’t completely hide each and every wire that’s there, but by tying it up it looks much better and can be pushed behind your cabinet, which brings me to the next point.

TV Cabinet

Yes, obviously you are going to place your consoles and television on top of the cabinet, but finding one with the right height is important. You’re going to spend a lot of time sitting here, so make sure to take the time to find the perfect TV cabinet; it’s not like you are going to replace it any time soon. Also, be sure that there are air holes in the back of the unit for equipment that you plan to stick inside the cabinet to save place, and that pushes out lots of heat. These holes will also assist when it comes to wiring everything up. You can also look at mounting your TV to the wall, giving you the top shelf for consoles and controllers instead of having the TV sitting there.


Your gaming chair is quite easily the most important aspect when it comes to your physical comfort while playing a game. It’s the difference between 30-minute sessions and a 10-hour game session. Unless you plan to watch movies in your games room you actually don’t need a recliner. As long as you’re sitting upright and comfy it’s all you need, though a beverage holder is well worth the extra few Rands spent. It’s time to discuss the items that’ll make your games room what it’s all about, the gaming.

TV / Projector

I often get the question asked – should I buy a TV or projector? I once owned a projector and the novelty wore off very quickly. With the size TVs are reaching these days there’s not much of a requirement for a projector. Also, games arguably just look and play that much better on most modern UHD television sets, and you don’t need to assign an entire wall just to play your games. The TV you get will also depend on your taste and that might differ.

Most gamers will be after the newer OLED and QLED Ultra High Definition television sets. Thanks to 4K becoming a big deal it would be wise to invest in one of these babies, but be aware that it’ll eat away your funds. For an in-depth comparison between OLED and QLED I suggest you head here. I also recommended that you go for a TV of 55” or bigger to truly see 4K in all its glory. Whether you’re playing on PC, PS4 Pro or Xbox One X – 4K is the way to go. This is your dream games room and you will be spending all your time looking at this one specific device while sitting back on that comfy chair you bought. Don’t be shy.


Here is another item for which you should not be scared to spend some good money. A stereo system is just fine to bring most games to life, but if you really want to get the most out of your games you’re going to want to invest in a 5.1 surround system that is supported by just about most AAA games these days. Hearing a car swoosh past you or gauging where the bullets are being shot from are things 5.1 audio can bring to life. If you do plan to watch movies in this room then the Dolby Atmos is going to be the real dream setup. In total you’ll have 11 speakers (or more) creating a realistic sound, with several speakers mounted to the ceiling. If you’re going big-budget then there is no better sound setup to go for currently. Did I mention that the Xbox One X will support Dolby Atmos? No? Well, there you go.

Games and consoles

Yes, even consoles are plural. If you’re going to spend a good amount of money on a games room you owe it to yourself to own more than one console so that you can get access to the various exclusives. If you have a high-end PC hooked up to your dream room then you can give the Xbox One X a skip, as all the games are playable on PC as well. Whether you’re in it for shooters, racing games or just a grand story to lose yourself in, it’s always good to have a wide library of games in your collection.


There are many extras that can spice up your perfect games room. Find high resolution images of games you love and print canvases to hang on your wall. If you’re a fan of racing games you might want to invest in a racing chair and steering wheel (I recommend Thrustmaster as the best in the market at the moment and available in South Africa). Figurines, collector’s editions, art books and more can also round out the place and make it your own.

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