SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best Story

Picking the game with the best story is kind of tricky. A good story is kind of a personal thing, as each person has their own take on how they might feel about a story once the credits roll. We get more emotionally involved with the characters because we spend more time with them, and because we control their actions, events and happens have a much more profound impact on us. There were quite a few games with incredible stories to it, but only one can truly stand above the rest.

Nier: Automata

Came for the fan-service, stayed for the amazing story. That can pretty much describe the feelings of a lot of people who played Nier: Automata. The story starts out pretty straightforward and generic, but after completing the game once, the developers kindly ask you to play the game again to experience the true story that they want to tell. That is where the game really starts to shine. Nier: Automata has this incredible way of telling the story not just in a traditional way, but by using the mechanics of the game itself. It also doesn’t try to comment on current happenings or the sociopolitical circumstances of today. It simply tells a story of very interesting characters with different motivations and feelings about the situation they find themselves in.

It is an absolutely beautiful tale, and if you love narrative-driven games, you absolutely owe it to yourself to play Nier: Automata.

Runner-Up: Horizon Zero Dawn

Honourable Mentions: Persona 5, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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