Wasteland 2 is coming to the Switch

The Nintendo Switch has defied almost all expectations since launch. The system has become a hot point of interest for developers to bring over some older titles for a breath of fresh air. Developer Brian Fargo and the team at inXile Entertainment have noticed the potential and are not letting it slide by. Fargo confirmed yesterday that Wasteland 2 will be coming to the Switch.

The announcement came from Twitter with only an image to bring the news to fans. Fargo himself tweeted the “tease” yesterday showing the Wasteland 2: The Director’s Cut menu on the Switch. Fargo provided a follow-up tweet noting that the team behind the mobile ports of A Bard’s Tale will be handling the port to the Switch. Fargo also noted how impressed he was with the Switch user base as that single image made big waves.

InXile had mentioned before that they were very interested in the Switch, and the port of Wasteland 2 is likely the first step in that support. Outside of the confirmation of existence, little else is known about the project including release window or possible price.

Wasteland 2 was a Kickstarter project from 2012 that was seen as one of the early success stories of the service. It was the official sequel to Interplay’s 1988 legendary RPG Wasteland. It was close to three decades for Fargo, the original designer, to realise his dream of creating a sequel. Wasteland would spawn off a spiritual successor in Black Isle’s Fallout and actually did have a sequel called Fountain of Dreams in 1990.

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