SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best PlayStation VR

Theoretically, PlayStation VR became a thing in South Africa earlier this year, as it missed the original launch in 2016. Thanks to that we were all treated to a huge number of VR titles on the PlayStation platform at launch and with that came worlds you got to explore like you have never experienced before. Everything goes. Racing, adventure, action, simulation and various other genres lend themselves very well to this new medium, but there was one genre that excelled in VR – horror.

Resident Evil VII

If you thought that Resident Evil VII was a nerve-wracking experience on your telly then VR has a surprise in store for you. Up to this point, most VR titles were mostly glorified tech demos showing off the new tech and how immersive it could be. Resident Evil VII had you playing the entire game from beginning to end in a world that feels as real as the one you live in, it’s just that it’s a terrifying experience that had your heart skipping a beat as you tried your best to evade the Baker family and other monstrosities.

Thanks to the VR headset being used to aim your gun it brought most battles to life, but it was the suspenseful moments of running away from dangers that were the standout moments. PlayStation VR is not an essential accessory to get the most out of games, but in the case of Resident Evil VII it made it an absolutely captivating experience from beginning to end and one you’ll never forget.

Runner-Up:  Thumper
Honourable Mentions: Star Trek Bridge Crew, Skyrim VR, GT Sport

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