SA Gamer Awards 2017: Best PS4 Console Exclusive

2017 was an immensely strong year for Sony and can possibly be considered one of their strongest showcases. The level of quality that the games that were available on the PS4 showcased was unmistakably impressive. Most were simply console exclusive, as they were also on PC, but Sony had a huge hand in getting them out there to the public. Not only were the games on the console great, they were also extremely varied. Niche games that were so good that they gained international recognition, exclusives that are still talked about to this day and everything dripping with quality. There was one game out of this menagerie that simply had to take the title of the best PS4 exclusive and that is none other than:

Horizon Zero Dawn 

Aloy was faced with some stiff competition this year, but it felt wrong to us if it didn’t take the prize. Not only was Horizon Zero Dawn an amazing game by itself, it also made a gigantic impact on the gaming world. Coming essentially out of nowhere, it surprised all of us. Its unique setting, its remarkable characters, the truly evocative story and the sheer beauty of the world wowed even the most cynical of gamers. Not only that, this was a completely new IP in a world full of safe console exclusive sequels that have had their core fanbase for decades. That’s what makes an excellent console exclusive and why Horizon Zero Dawn was crowned the winner.

Hopefully, we see Aloy or that remarkable world again soon. Even if it’s just to shoot more robot dinosaurs in the face with arrows.

Runner-Up: Persona 5
Honourable Mentions: Nioh, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, NieR: Automata, Yakuza 0, GT Sport

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