Rumour: Burnout Paradise rated for Nintendo Switch in Brazil

Just last week a rumour dropped that Burnout Paradise was rated for the PS4 and Xbox One in Brazil. It made good sense as there has been a huge plead from fans around the world for another Burnout game. Seeing it get the remastered treatment and upscaled to 4K was the next logical step. However, word now has it that a Switch version is in the making too.

To date Burnout Paradise has never featured on any Nintendo console. A quick look at the below screengrab of the leak and you’ll see the Switch showing up. This page has since been removed and all we have is the below image. There’s been no word from EA or anyone else that there is any truth to this, so keep it as a rumour for the time being.

We definitely won’t be saying no to a portable version of the game if it ever becomes a reality.

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