Cuphead has sold 2 million copies

Two million might sound like a small number when comparing it to huge AAA games like the behemoth that is GTA V, but when you consider for one moment that this game was developed by a really small group of people it’s an amazing feat. Cuphead, an Xbox console exclusive (also available on PC), has sold incredibly well and reached the milestone of double platinum since 29 September.

As with most Indie developers the studio co-head, Chad Moldenhauer, took to their blog to leave a heartfelt message to those that made them help their dream come true:

Even in our wildest dreams, we never thought our crazy little characters would be embraced by this many fans from around the world and we are continuously humbled by your support.

So to everyone who has drawn fan art, composed memes, performed songs, conquered challenge runs, streamed their playthrough, or just played Cuphead and had a good time, we love and appreciate all of you from the bottom of our hearts.

This is great news for the studio and hopefully we saw more from them in the not-too-distant future.

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