Keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One leaked by Microsoft Poland

Every time someone mentions that consoles should support both keyboard and mouse there is a SEGA Dreamcast that dies somewhere around the world. Since SEGA’s little console that unfortunately couldn’t, we never saw keyboard and mouse being supported on consoles ever again (other than basic browser functions). For a good few years now there have been rumours that the Xbox One will support it, with even Phil Spencer getting in on the act in the past. Now it seems this new feature is closer to reality than it’s ever been.

Thanks to Microsoft in Poland a press release went live on their site ahead of schedule and has since been pulled. Thankfully Gamepros was there to capture the leak. Here is what it says:

“Some players prefer to conquer the virtual world with a pad in hand. Others, above all, value the precision of the mouse movements. Others, however, can not imagine playing on anything other than a keyboard. Now, owners of Xbox One consoles (including Xbox One S models and the latest Xbox One X) can choose these accessories and decide for themselves what they will use. “PC Master Race”? Thanks to the keyboard support, we can already successfully talk about “Xbox Master Race”!”

Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I’ll play it, no matter the format.

  • Silver King

    LOL. XBOX master race. Yeah came back when you can do 120fps. O wait, I’m not sure a TV can refresh that fast. Never mind and carry on.

    • jt3z

      I own both a decent PC and an XBX(PS4 pro too) and while i love my PC but games die waaaaay faster on PC than they do on consoles. So no there is no master race this or that. You cant get 120 fps on any monitor over 40 inches anyways

      • Silver King

        Once you go 120 you will never go back.

        • jt3z

          Been there went back

          • Silver King

            My condolences for your loss.

          • Stevorkz

            It seems for many its hard to believe but a lot of gamers dont put
            graphical specs first. Enough of this whole if you’re a “real” gamer you
            would have good specs nonsense. Accept that there are other gamers who
            have fun while not requiring the same needs you do 🙂

          • Silver King

            Never said anything about real gamers.

  • Nucleous

    Late to the discussion, but my xbox one is a media centre, it’s connected to TV in lounge I sit back on my lounger and watch TV with it.

    Keyboard and mouse is for PC if you want to play like that buy a damn PC and not a cheap mediacenter /4k bluray player. Let’s face it the xbox one is only good for being a media center, especially now that kodi is back, plex works on it, youtube, netflix, amazon, etc. There are no games on it.

  • LazyDemoni

    Ehhh, this is going to be messy for competitive shooters on Xbox.

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