Psychonauts 2 delayed and won’t launch in 2018

If you’ve never played Psychonauts then you should consider yourself guilty of one of the highest crimes in the world of gaming. Like so many other people it was a gem from 2005 that was overlooked that year for other classics such as Call of Duty 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Resident Evil 4 and Devil May Cry 3. Yes, 2005 was also a ‘2017 of yesteryear’ – many great games were overshadowed by huge AAA releases. Now the sequel will see a delay too.

Double Fine Studios has confirmed this via their game project lead, Zak McClendon. The reason is as expected as most other delays – they want to put more time into the game to ensure it’s what fans want after seeing the final build and scope of what lies ahead of them.

We do know about how long it’s going to take but we don’t want to say anything until we have a firm date for people

Get a look below at the progress so far and the confirmation of the delay:

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