A fan-made Overwatch map has Jeff Kaplan’s attention

Often the best way to be noticed is just to do some good, hard work. Self-taught 3D artist Joshua Llorente has made several Overwatch maps, but his latest work, a Cairo payload map, is rather stunning.

Llorente uses Unreal Engine 4 to make his custom maps and the mixture of futuristic buildings with Egyptian pillars looks quite like a lot of the skylines you will see in Overwatch. Llorente posted the map on Reddit last week and Jeff Kaplan replied saying: “Amazing work! We’ll be in touch.”

Moonlit domes, colourful walkways and hovercars are met by palm trees, sandstone buildings and amphoras dotted around the city. Statues of Egyptian gods have glowing hieroglyphics to draw your eye in. It looks great. Hopefully, something great comes from Llorente once Kaplan gets in touch. If you are interested in other maps Llorente has designed, his portfolio is here.

Source: PCGamer

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