The new speedrunning craze is about getting to Mario’s nipples

Super Mario Odyssey has been a game ripe for speedrunning. The Mario franchise is a staple for speedrunners and Odyssey has taken the community by storm. Some speedrunners have now established a new speedrunning criterion that is gaining traction: how quickly can runners get to Mario’s nipples?

Speedruns all fall into specific categories which dictate the general rule or goal of a run. For instance, there are glitchless runs, 100% runs, the very common Any% and even more specific categories based on the community and game. The new “Nipple%” category for Odyssey plays on the gaming legend’s first shirtless outing.

The run is a quick one compared to other categories of Odyssey. Players have to get to the Sand Kingdom to open up the option to buy a shirtless Mario. With the Sand Kingdom being a very early level, a full run doesn’t eat up much time and is a race to 1,000 gold coins. The first “Nipple%” run was done by runner DaddyWalrus back in November who got to see the goods in 24 minutes and 21 seconds.

Needless to say, the route to nipple town has been optimized quite a bit since then. According to, the current fastest run is by Stravos96 at just under 10 minutes which was achieved only five days ago.

For those unaware, shirtless Mario took the internet by storm back in September. It was the first time (officially) that Mario’s nipples were truly exposed. A gaming icon finally got to let his freak flag fly after 30 long years and we are all celebrating that fact.

While Nipple% has become quite the spectacle, it unfortunately did not make the cut for the currently running Awesome Games Done Quick 2018. The speedrunning showcase and charity drive started on Sunday and is running through the week. You can take a look at the full schedule here. While Odyssey did not make the cut, Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Sunshine will both be appearing. I will break the news now and say there will be no nipples in those games.

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