Sony is doubling their VR efforts now that PSVR sold 2 million units

PSVR still remains an interesting venture for Sony into that magical world of virtual reality. The Oculus and ViVe headsets have gained a lot of ground since their initial releases, but still remain largely an enthusiast product thanks to the hardware requirements. Since Sony already has a base of 70 million PS4s out in the world that are all capable of handling PSVR, it was probably VR’s biggest chance to break into the mainstream. For all intents and purposes, it mostly succeeded.

PSVR has sold 2 million units so far which does pale against that massive install base, but considering what an expensive piece of tech it is, that number is still somewhat impressive.  Sony told Nikkei, translated by Siliconera, that because of the 2 million milestone, they will focus a lot more effort on their VR offerings. PSVR has 150 games to its name since its release and Sony plans to up that number to 280 in 2018 alone. That’s quite the marginal increase for just the VR headset. They also attributed the good sale numbers to the fact that they dropped the price on the headset recently which has made the idea of buying into VR even more worth it.

To be honest, VR still exists within that realm of gimmicks. Short experiences showing off a particular idea while not having the same brevity as a classic full game would have. That’s frankly what is holding it all back in the eyes of the mainstream and VR still needs to get that killer app that will send it reeling with popularity. However, there are strides being made. The fact that Skyrim was capable of being ported into VR says quite a lot and we just need a little bit more for the technology to really kick off so that we all look like idiots sitting with light masks on the couch.

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