Adopt-A-Hunter initiative will help newcomers get an edge

For years Monster Hunters had a high barrier to overcome if you wanted to become an avid or even casual fan of the series. Often, over my past 11 years with the series I’ve seen many players pick up and drop the game in frustration of not having any help what so ever and then promoting how horrible they believe the game is due to their frustration. It was unfortunate to both hear and see this. The good news, however, is that Capcom’s not only lowered that barrier of entry into the series with Monster Hunter World’s changes but a group of fans have now also taken the initiative to create a program called the “Adopt-A-Hunter”.

The initiative is to create an environment for veteran hunters to teach new players and fans the ropes and take their hunter ranks to the next level. Players can register either as a novice or veteran in the community and then proceed to learn or teach everything there is to know about the game’s mechanics including crafting, gathering and weapon utilization. And the best part is the fact that once registered the Adopt-A-Hunter staff will pair up individual players hoping to create a direct path of communication between the novice and veteran. Being a veteran myself I know exactly how important this is as communication was key when I introduced a few friends and family to the series.

Make sure you check out their website and more so their Discord group which already has more than 1,000 members and is filled with sections specifically for individual weapon discussions and multiple hunting group voice channels.

 The “Adopt-A-Hunter” initiative for Monster Hunter: World  is a subcommunity where series veterans can take novice hunters under their wing to teach them the basics and pass on the knowledge a new hunter needs to feel confident and comfortable playing on their own or with a completely random group.


To be their Sherpa up the mountain of information known as Monster Hunter and help them to not feel so intimidated when scaling the 90° learning curve. Many people start playing and then end up giving up due to frustration over lack of information, and/or seemingly “clunky” controls. As such this is an initiative to encourage new players to ask questions, learn what to do and what not to do, help them get into the game, and enjoy it as much as possible.

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