The Switch is leading the pack in December’s US sales, but the Xbox One is putting up a fight

Mulling about the sales of consoles feels lazy because it’s the ultimate trump card for fanboys to throw in the face of their fierce rivals. However, looking over holiday sales can give us a pretty good indication of where the market is at and how the gaming community at large is doing. The three main console competitors have been hashing it out with Nintendo’s Switch being the shiny new piece of tech with the great line-up, the Xbox One X having its insane power for a console and Sony going at it with their VR offerings and strong first-party titles. Each console has its strengths and weaknesses at the present moment, but it does seem like all of them are healthy.

The official NDP report, which tracks sales of consoles and software in the US, is yet to come out for December, which is quite often the big month for manufacturers and publishers because of jolly ol’ Saint Nick coming down the chimney. However, Xbox head of games marketing, Aaron Greenberg, got a little sneak peek and the results are quite surprising. Here’s his tweet:

While the exact numbers aren’t revealed yet, the Switch is building a bit of a lead on the other big two, but the Xbox One X is doing good things for Microsoft. To see the Switch selling well is good news for everybody. For Nintendo, it means that they’re on the right track and they will continue the incredible support they showed it in 2017 while the other two manufacturers have to step up their game now thanks to this new competitor. Numbers don’t lie, after all.

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