AGDQ 2018 raises over $2.2 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation

With the annual Awesome Games Done Quick coming to a close on Sunday, it finally feels like the year has begun. The speedrunning charity event has grown substantially every year with more viewers, sponsors and donations. After the week-long romp, AGDQ 2018 walks away with the highest money earned in Games Done Quick history.

AGDQ 2017 got a lot of buzz for breaking the $2.2 million mark but the 2018 edition beat it out by $40,000. AGDQ 2018 raised in total $2,261,823.18 as confirmed on stream and in the tweet below. All that money will be going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The donations, however, were not what knocked AGDQ 2018 over the previous record. On donations alone, the number would have just missed hitting 2017’s raised amount. What brought the final total over was the controversial decision to make the Twitch chat for the event sub-only. All money raised by subscriptions (even through Twitch Prime) were added to the final total that allowed for a new record. While it might not be as huge a difference as previous years set, it still shows that the event continues to do well.

Of course with every GDQ event, we will be running down some of the best runs people might have missed. While there were many amazing runs this year, below are a few choice ones from the Games Done Quick youtube page. All the speedruns have been archived so if there were any you missed due to time, go find them there.

Resident Evil 7 (New Game Madhouse) by Carcinogen

Resident Evil games have always embraced the notion of the speedrun even since earlier games. Last year’s fantastic Resident Evil 7 even featured a trophy that required players to complete the game in less than four hours. Needless to say for speedrunners this was a very unoptimised run.

The run for AGDQ was of the “New Game Madhouse” category with runner Carcinogen going to the Baker estate with no carried over items on the hardest difficulty.  It is magic in motion to finally see the new Resident Evil get played with such precision.  The commentary from the couch and runner were both fantastic with the run not always going as planned.  It was more conversational with the couch being an active part of the entire run.

Honestly, the entire Horror block is well worth a watch. Following this wonderful run was the Resident Evil 3 race and then Silent Hill being tackled by Punchy. Resident Evil 7 was definitely the freshest one of the block and comes highly recommended.

Burnout Paradise (Big Surf Island 100%) by espumbrajolt

While espumbrajolt‘s run of Burnout Paradise might not have been the cleanest one of the show, there is no denying it was an entertaining one to watch. It was one of those runs that felt much looser compared to the stricter rules set in place during GDQ.

Not only did espumbrajolt get a world record with his insane Burnout skills, but it was a very enjoyable run during the twilight hours of GDQ . There were a lot of donations coming through with even a new bid war for family members being tallied. It’s just a down to earth and more relaxed run that rarely pops up during the week-long madness.

Of course, we cannot forget Couch Kid who took the viewing audience by storm. One of the youngest couch members to ever be on a GDQ stream, Couch Kid didn’t say much and just soaked in the chill vibes. If you want to just have a fun time watching a speedrun, this is definitely a good one to go for.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy (Any% no SG) by CovertMuffin

While Burnout was loose and chilled, the Jedi Academy run by CovertMuffin was wonderful chaos. The game and runner have graced GDQ events before with the last time being at SGDQ2016. CovertMuffin broke a lot of rules by swearing like a sailor but the run was truly a treat.

It was fast-paced and hilarious as CovertMuffin was getting into the game he was running. There was screaming and a lot more emotion in a runner than we are used to seeing at GDQ. CovertMuffin’s love poured through the stream and made it an utter delight for viewers.

The couch team also deserve a big shout out for balancing the hyper energy with calming descriptions of the events going down. Definitely the run that will put a smile on your face alongside a heartwarming ending.

Super Punch-Out and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (Both at once) by zallard1

Every GDQ event has that one run that is baffling yet awe-inspiring. From mirror runs to blindfolded runs, there is always a spectacle that makes its way onto the GDQ stage. This year’s must-see feat was zallard1’s run of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out and Super Punch-Out being played simultaneously. That’s right, two runs in the time of one!

This was the run that got a lot of attention outside of the event with numerous news sites covering the oddity of two runs at once. The run was done with a single custom controller that meant the inputs were sent to both games. Anyone who has played either of the original Punch-Out titles knows how tough the patterns can get later on so having zallard1 play both is pretty amazing.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (All Main Quests) by atz

Finally we end off with the run to finish the show. Breath of the Wild speedruns are well known at this point with Calamity Ganon being available to fight from almost the outset. SGDQ2017 had an incentive to see an early example of this run with Orcastraw doing it in under 46 minutes. Since it has been almost a year since launch, the stakes were raised with the new category being run: All main quest completed (with no Amiibo).

Runner atz took up the task of tackling the giant feat as fast as possible. All main quest mode requires a lot to be completed before the final boss. Outside of the four Divine beasts and all the quests associated with them, the run will also require the Master Sword and all Photo locations. This means that Shrines cannot be ignored as a minimum of 20 hearts are needed to get the iconic weapon.

With this run coming in at just under four hours, it stands as one of the longest runs of this year’s show. If you have ever player BotW, it is well worth watching to see how atz breaks the game’s open nature. It is a shame that the $250,000 incentive was not met (although it was a bit pricey for showing a flying horse), yet the run was still able to get quite a few last-minute donations.


There is our very condensed list of some of the must-watch runs of AGDQ2018. Of course, there were a lot more that deserve a nod but these stood out as some nice introductory ones. Now that this year’s AGDQ is done, we can look forward to the mid-year edition with Summer Games Done Quick 2018. Confirmed via the finale video, SGDQ2018 will commence on the 24th of June to the 1st of July so book your time off now.

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