The Burning Question: Which game are you most excited for in 2018?

I don’t think it’s much of a reach to say that 2017 was a landmark year for gaming. The games released with a vicious frequency and didn’t seem to stop being of an incredible quality. There were a lot of surprises stemming from games that at first glance didn’t look like they were going to shake up the world but ended up doing exactly that. When it was time for our annual Game of the Year discussion, we were all having internal conflicts about which of the many amazing games we played is deserving of the title. 2017 felt like a golden year for gaming and it was also the bombastic introduction of the Nintendo Switch, which blew us all out of the water with its stellar line-up.

But time is a fickle mistress and we’re now in the shiny new year of 2018. Among the packed gyms, maxed out credit cards and people falling asleep at their desk, we also have a new year of gaming to look forward to. It’s never really a good idea to fully anticipate which games will be released so early in the year as there can be monumental changes being made to the schedule at a moment’s notice. There’s also the question of those pesky games that have the vague “coming in 2018” release date where we’re not quite sure when they will release or see delays into the next year. To throw another wrench into the engine, there are a bunch of games with “to be determined” release dates that may or may not be coming in 2018 and we’ll have to wait for the big trade shows to confirm when they are coming or get fed the info throughout the year.

So how is 2018 looking so far? In my opinion, it looks exciting but massively uncertain. We have a few confirmed titles on the horizon that are worth being excited about while there are a bunch of those vague titles that I mentioned before. The most immediate game to get excited for is Monster Hunter World which has received quite a lot of praise and rave reviews in Japan already and promises to be the definitive Monster Hunter title of this current generation. We have Far Cry 5 releasing in March which despite its scattering of controversies looks to be fresh new take on the classic Far Cry formula where you shoot cultish racists in suburban America. The new Shadow of the Colossus remake releases next month that will expose a new generation to its majesty and it will be interesting to see how the giant hulking monsters will look in their new shiny glory. Ni No Kuni 2 also releases in March, which is more of a niche JRPG, but considering how the first one touched so many people, this can be a bonafide winner.

Past May, we don’t really know what’s going to happen. Sony has another strong line-up this year with the God of War reboot expected sometime in the near future and the new Spider-Man game also promises some web-slinging action.  Days Gone might also be a new IP that is worth looking at, even if it does initially look like a plain zombie shooter. Detroit: Become Human is the new Quantic Dream game, but considering some very recent controversies surrounding the studio, it’s a bit tumultuous at the present moment. Xbox doesn’t really have anything going on, but I believe that is subject to change as there have been rumours circling around that they’re really going to focus on their exclusives this year. A new HaloGears of War and even Fable, perhaps?

We also have some heavy hitters that are set to make their debut in 2018. Red Dead Redemption 2 was supposed to come out last year but got moved to 2018 in order to get it just right. We’re still waiting on the official release date, but the game is bound to make some giant waves when it finally drops. Considering the impact GTA V made, it’s definitely worth getting excited about going back to the Wild West again. We also have the return of Darksiders with Darksiders III featuring Fury, the first female protagonist in the franchise. The previous games were incredibly solid and it’s wonderful to see that the franchise is back and trying something new. There’s also EA’s Anthem that might see a release this year and despite some hesitance, because it’s EA, it does look beautiful and rather fun to play.

That’s most of the big titles that we know of and I have yet to ask the burning question. Which game are you most excited for in 2018? Is there a game I didn’t mention that you’re super excited for?

My game is a little bit different and it can be considered some wild wishful thinking, but Cyberpunk 2077 is a game I really want to see in 2018. I’m still reminiscing about the time I spent in The Witcher 3 and I’ve been dying to play a game that is similar to it for so long. The communication of CD Projekt Red has been a little… underwhelming, but there’s this little hope in the centre of my heart that they’re going to surprise us all by releasing the game this year. It’s most likely a 2019 game if we’re being realistic, but let a man dream, dammit.

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  • I’m personally very excited for God of War, Spider-Man and Metroid Prime 4 (if we see it launching this year). Also, those who have The Last of Us 2 down as a 2018 game – get that thought out of your head already. I highly doubt we’ll see it this year.

    • DemonGamer

      Why you got to be so negative ?! but I agree , although I hope we see more of tlou 2 since most of the team is now on it.

      • I always laugh at people. A game that’s so early in development that they think will launch soon. If I had my wishes come true then Resi 2 and FFVII Remake would launch this year.

  • DemonGamer

    Ace Combat 7 ! Ok now I’ll go read the article.

  • VampyreSquirrel


    • I do have a good feeling about this game. At E3 we got no hands-on, but watching them play had me a little hyped.

  • Dave

    Nothing super exciting for me just yet, as last year already gave me so much to play and most of the games I may be anticipating don’t have a release date for this year yet. So I might still board the hype train if games like cyberpunk or shadow of the tomb raider give more details this year, and if I get a switch like I’m planning, then I’ll get on board for the nintendo games they’ve announced like the yoshi game.

  • MonsterCheddar

    Anthem and Metro:Exodus

  • Theme Hospital 2!

  • And I am pretty amped for the Dark Souls remaster since I never got a chance to jump in on the franchise back in the day.

  • Amar Sookoo

    God of War, please I have to know when…

  • ArkhamBean

    Lots to choose from but the pc port of final fantasy xv and the new god of war has me really excited

  • Richard Scott

    Red Dead Redemption 2 hands down!

  • Valshen

    God of War, because Teal’c is my man.

  • Umar Ellemdeen


  • Darksirius

    Anthem, Spider-man, God of War, Red Dead 2… My backlog about to get much larger LOL

  • so, before we get into my list, i need to explain a couple of things: first of all, some of the stuff i have on this list isn’t coming to my platform-of-choice at all [which is pc] but i kind of hope the developer gets their publisher to stop being dumb. because pcmasterrace 😛

    secondly, there hasn’t been an aaa i’ve been interested in, in YEARS. for the first time in a super long while, i’m actually cautiously interested in TWO aaa games. [which blows my mind.]

    the rest are indies, as you’d expect. 😉

    aaa stuff.

    biomutant is the big one. i’m cautiously interested in this. i do hope that they slow the combat down, though and i desperately hope they make the narrator less prevalent when you’re doing things in the world.

    detroit: become human. i like [?] david cage’s body of work. [i mean, he has reasonable ideas that then go off the rails because no one seems to understanding the magic words “editing” and “following through with the actual plot” over at quantic dream] so, this is a huuuuggeeee we’ll see.

    indie stuff:

    children of morta: a roguelike with a story about a family where there’s some actual emphasis on the plot? sign me up.

    eitr: isometric dark souls with a GREAT pixel art style.

    fe: a beautifully stylized action adventure about exploring the landscape with sound.

    ghost of a tale: it’s thief, but you’re tiny. sneak around and perform acts of derring-do!

    mineko’s night market: you craft! you explore! there’s lots of cats.

    moss: a vr experience where you guide a mouse across treacherous terrain.

    praey for the gods: a dumb naming dispute gave this game it’s name. winter has come and you need to figure out why. a little like shadow of the colossus.

    tunic: a zelda-like with a fox character. beautiful visuals.

    vampyr: next dontnod game. it’s 1918. the great war is over! you get bitten by a vampire and try to find a cure.

    underworld ascendant: an INCREDIBLY belated follow up to ultima underworld, the game that made 3d rpg’s what they are today. i want to play this for it’s pedigree more than anything.

    the wolf among us 2: i have less than no faith in telltale. but more bigsby? [maybe?] and more of the fables world? maybe it won’t be completely terrible.

  • JoE

    Dad of War

  • Raidz19

    God of waaaar!
    I’m not sold just yet on a new Spidey game but I really hope it will be so amazing that I won’t be able to resist the purchase.

  • MR.F

    Far Cry 5 easily…

  • Global_Saffer

    Half Life 3, Red Dead Redemption 2, Metro exodus, Far Cry 5 and the new DBZ fighting game!

  • Half Life 3!

  • Wait isn’t State of Decay 2 coming this year?

    • I reckon we’ll see it this year, though MS are yet to confirm it. E3 will tell us all.

      • Also depends what platform it gets launched on …. I still refuse to use the windows store.

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