Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launch trailer explains this whole multiple version thing

We may not have the discs yet but early adopters of Street Fighter V finally have access to the much anticipated Arcade Edition update. After what feels like two years in the making, Street Fighter V players finally have the arcade mode they have yearned for and to commemorate the occasion Capcom has released a launch trailer to detail what exactly the arcade edition is. This new release comes with a lot of confusion, so hopefully this trailer manages to clear things up.

So if it’s at all confusing, here’s what the content difference is between buying Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and updating from the original release of Street Fighter V. If you purchase a copy of Arcade Edition you will receive the season 1 and 2 characters. If you already own Street Fighter V, you will get all the new playable content but will still have to unlock the previous season’s characters. Anybody who wants to get the season 3 characters will have to purchase them separately, but Sakura is available for a free trial until the 21st.

The Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition release is a rather strange one as it goes directly against how Street Fighter V was marketed, but the update is still available to all. Unfortunately, there are going to be quite a few confused players for the time being as it looks like quite a few people have misinterpreted what Capcom has done. All in all, we’re going to see what happens in season 3 of Street Fighter V and who knows, maybe 3rd time will be the charm for this infamous fighter.

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