On the Hunt: What is Monster Hunter?

[On the Hunt is a week-long series of posts about Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter World and why you might be interested in playing this lovingly crafted series.]

It’s been over a decade now since the Monster Hunter franchise was introduced to the world. Originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004 this action RPG has over the years solidified its place in fans hearts across the world. Although many may know it for its steep learning curve, the truth is that once that curve is passed there is no turning back. And with the upcoming release of Monster Hunter World on the PS4, Xbox One and later in the year PC, I foresee the birth of many new fans/players and hunters.

Since its inception, the franchise has released across many platforms including the PSP, Wii, 3DS, WiiU, Switch, PC and even mobile. And as of mid-2017, the series has sold over 40 million copies worldwide. Alongside the mainline Monster Hunter games, there are quite a number of spin-off games including an anime and book. However, let’s take a step back for a moment.

For many who’ve never heard or played any of the games in the franchise, the game is set in a sort of prehistoric timeline where monsters wreak havoc across the land, destroying villages and just generally terrifying the people. The game puts players in the shoes of a hunter who’s usually hired by the village to go on quests to help slay/trap or fend off these behemoths. Although there is a hunting rank that players acquire and increases through the game. The unique thing that sets the character apart from many other titles is that it’s not the hunter that levels up in strength but rather his equipment such as his armour and weapons. This gear is acquired through gathering the many parts needed from the slain or trapped monsters and then crafted into gear that transforms every hunter into the formidable guardian that they are. However, having said this the game also offers players a large variety of items that can also be crafted through the gathering and combining of ingredients discovered throughout the world. Some of these items grant the hunter buffs to their stats, restoration of health or grant the hunters an advantage during a hunt in the form of traps, flash bombs and even tranquilisers to put trapped monsters to sleep.

Having been a fan for over ten years now I can and will always stand by the opinion that hunting alone may be fun but the game truly shines when hunters combine their powers to form a guild or rather a hunting party of four. The game (current generation – Monster Hunter World) offers players a selection of 14 weapon types to choose from which branch off in their own unique ways including Great Swords, Bow Guns, Long Swords and Axes to name a few. What’s more is that each branch of weapon then branches off even further into elemental types such as fire, water and ice apart from many others. This combined with five pieces of armour makes sure that every hunter is well equipped for every situation and “type” of monster that they face.

There are many more aspects to cover and venture into within Monster Hunter. So if like me you cannot contain your hype or if you’d like to just learn more about the series before the release of Monster Hunter World stay tuned to SA Gamer as I’ll be spending this week covering multiple aspects from the games, including monsters, items, armor and weapons. Also if you’re planning on jumping into the world of Monster Hunter this Friday the 26th of January when Monster Hunter World launches, be sure to check out and join the SA Gamer Monster Hunter Discord group to arrange or request specific help on quests and hunts across the board. Let’s try and build a strong local hunting guild community.

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