Wishes come true in the Dragon Ball FighterZ launch trailer

We’ve had a number of fantastic fighting games come out in recent years and it looks like 2018 is going to be doing the same. With a few games and updates on the horizon, it’s great to see that we’re going to start off pretty strong. Dragon Ball FighterZ is releasing on the 26th and the launch trailer is here to help build the excitement.

It’s been a while since we saw a big 2D fighter Dragon Ball release and Arc System Works looks to deliver one of the best Dragon Ball experiences in years. The game has a strong visual feel with a lot of flavour added to round the experience. It seems to stay true to the source material, including nods to prominent scenes from the manga and anime recreated in the gameplay. From Goku’s presence in Teen Gohan’s one-handed Kamehameha to Piccolo assisting in Gotenk’s Super, all the subtle nods and references look to enhance the overall experience.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on the 26th of January and while there is a lot of excitement surrounding it, it might see a bit of trouble finding a following. Traditionally people have been turned off by 2D fighters due to their complexity, but with the game’s strong appearance and gameplay, one can only hope it sees a strong community following.

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