On the Hunt: Weapons & Armor

Since the dawn of time mankind has had to defend itself from the many nightmares that are monsters. With the creation of tools and thereafter weapons, mankind finally had a way to fight back. This brought hope to the species and in turn created an opportunity to grow, develop and thrive. In this, we find our path today and where our focus shall be, in the creation of weaponry and armour in the world of Monster Hunter.

Greetings hunters and welcome once again to the guild. Today’s focus will be on weapons and armour. Consider for a second our attire in our everyday lives. If you’re at the office you quite possibly have to dress in formal or casual attire. If you’re at school then it would be the same with a uniform. And what about our tools to accomplish our everyday tasks – books, pens, PCs. Well, it’s no different for a hunter. Consider hunting your profession and your weapon your tool with your armour being the attire. Now throw in a 50-foot monster and what do you get? One hell of a party of course.

Every job done with the correct tools can be accomplished with ease and in the world of Monster Hunter, this is just the case. The franchise has always had a large variety of weapons and armour sets. And in recent instalments, we have 14 weapon categories with an even larger number of armour sets. Each set consists of five armour pieces – Head, Torso, Gauntlets, Waist and Leggings. Further than that there are two categories of armour, the blademaster armour for the hunters that like to get close up and personal with the melee weapons and the gunner armour for the ranged hunters.

Armour sets in the past also possessed a number of skills within each piece. However, it’s been mentioned that in World instead of multiple skill points per piece, the individual armor pieces will possess only one skill. Think of skills as an additional feature on your mobile suit. The Earplug skill helps protect the hunter from flinching whilst the monster roars whereas other skills increase resistance against elemental attacks. Just as there are armor sets, there are also a large number of skills that each hunter can acquire. The best advice I can give to hunters in this case is to experiment not only with a complete set from one monster such as a full Rathalos set of armour but also experiment with a mixed armour set. Perhaps a Rathalos helmet to go with Rathian gauntlets for instance. With mechanics changing slightly in World this would be a good time for all hunters, veterans and novices to experiment.

Just as it is with items and weapons, armor sets can be crafted through acquiring monster parts and additional items such as ores. This is of course where a lot of the grind comes into play. You might find yourself hunting the same monster quite a number of times before you carve or get rewarded the final item you need just to complete a piece of armor. But, trust me once completed the reward of hunting in the full armor set, especially with the skills you want, is worth it. As you move up to the higher ranks of the game you’ll learn that not all monsters can be taken on with the same armour set.

Moving onto my favourite part of this week’s features is the weapons. As mentioned before, there are 14 types of weapons within the game – Great Swords, Hammers, Long Swords, Bows, Insect Glaives, Switch Axes, Charge Blades, Heavy Bow Guns, Dual Blades, Sword and Shield, Gunlance, Hunting Horns, Lances and Light Bowguns. Veteran hunters will probably just hunt with the weapons that they’re more comfortable with whereas I would encourage newcomers to please test out every weapon type as after playing the beta I have noticed a slight change in mechanics with certain weapon types. My personal favourites are the Insect Glaives, Long Swords and more recently the Switch Axes. Weapons fall into three categories: Heavy, Light and Technical. Every weapon type has its advantages and disadvantages. The Great Sword may be slow but the damage it inflicts is devastating. The Long Sword is a tad bit weaker but is considered well balanced in power, speed and reach. Whereas Bows and Bowguns can be well utilised in hunting airborne targets especially when equipped with explosive ammo. If that’s not enough each weapon type also branches off into their own elemental types such as fire, poison and water to name a few.

The world of Monster Hunter is a strange and dangerous place but with the right gear every hunter can become a guardian and in turn a LEGEND. Make sure you’re always well prepared and ready for any and every situation. Good luck out their hunters and be sure to join the SA Gamer Discord group to unite our South African hunters. POWER TO THE GUILD!

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