On the Hunt: The Monsters Within

In a world filled with monstrous and dangerous beasts, hunters have been tasked with the mission of protecting the existence of mankind. In this noble quest, we find that legends are often born. But before their stories can be told, we must first look to the past to learn and discover their struggles.

Greetings hunters and welcome once again to the guild. With the highly anticipated Monster Hunter World less than a day away, this will be the final “On the Hunt” post. Throughout this week we’ve taken a tiny peek into the world of Monster Hunter. We’ve looked into What is Monster Hunter as well as item crafting, weapons and armour sets. So today we’ll be covering the heart of the franchise and that is the monsters.

Just as it is with the items, weapons and armour, Monster Hunter has no shortage of beasts. Ranging from giant crabs, wild boar, two-legged velociraptor resembling beasts, leviathans and of course everyone’s nightmares – The Elder Dragons. Each monster in the game possesses their own skills and attributes with some even having variants such as the Rathalos who also appears as an Azure Rathalos as well as Silver Rathalos, each being even fiercer than the last. Some may be large, bulky and slow but don’t let your guard down because when they hit, they hit hard. Whereas others are quick and agile and tend to be a lot trickier to land a blow on.

However, rest assured every quest can be successfully achieved when prepared right. Since each monster also possesses weaknesses alongside their strengths it’s always best to experiment with a variety of weapons to determine which can be the most effective. For instance, hunting the king of the skies the Rathalos (a fire type dragon), a hunter would be wise to wield a water or lightning elemental type weapon. Then, of course, you’ll have to also account for the monsters move patterns. In the case of the Rathalos that I hunted in the Monster Hunter World beta, I noticed it loved to stay airborne quite a bit. This made it extremely difficult for me to hunt with the hammer and switch axe so I had to switch to the Insect Glaive which allowed me to vault and bring the beast back down to earth. This isn’t the only strategy and that’s quite possibly what makes hunting with others so much more rewarding.

Hunting in a guild often offers other players a look at how to take on a monster. For instance whilst watching a speed run for the latest Elder Dragon in the final beta last weekend I saw four hunters take out the Nargigante in a minute and twenty six seconds. However keep in mind that they probably took a while before accomplishing this but this is what makes hunting so rewarding. Facing a monster head on may not always be the key to success and often traps, tranq bombs and even paralysis guides the way to victory.

All monsters within the game play an important role and even if you may want to focus on only hunting 100 Rathalos, the game balances this out quite nicely by forcing players to seek out other monsters to slay and carve from since you’ll need such a large variety of items/monster parts to craft weapons, armor and additional items to aid during hunts. The best advice I can give new hunters out there is that since Monster Hunter World will actually be showing the damage points upon every hit on the monster, I would highly recommend learning as to which part of the monster is the weakest. In learning this you’ll be able to take out even the fiercest of Elder Dragons with ease. Of course also keep in mind that when scavenging for monster parts in Monster Hunter titles, the game offers players the mechanics of focusing and breaking off certain pieces of the monster. If the hunters are focusing on only hitting the Rathalos’s tail, after some time the tail will fall off allowing the players additional carves as well as the Rathalos’s tail (unfortunately not always guaranteed as you’ll receive scales on occasions). This increases the challenge for the hunters as cutting off the tail can only occur whilst the monsters alive. This also applies to horns and other breakable body parts.

Well, hunters, that is it from me. I hope the series was in a way entertaining and educational (keep in mind I’ve had to leave out a ton of information for fear of spoilers). Remember the World of Monster Hunter is a large, dangerous and treacherous place. Tread lightly and always make sure that you’re always prepared, craft those items, forge those weapons and armour sets and make sure that you always BRING THE PAIN!! POWER TO THE HUNTERS!!

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