Dragon Ball FighterZ has an incredible look on lowest graphical settings

Dragon Ball FighterZ has roared into the fighting game scene and become a monster hit within the industry. With the still absurd popularity of Dragon Ball Z driving it, some fans have found that developer Arc System Works left a wonderful little treat for PC players.

On launch day, Kotaku ran a story directing readers to the graphical settings of Dragon Ball FighterZ on PC. In a weird and new take, many were told to go and set the game’s Resolution Scaling to the lowest possible. On a platform where graphical fidelity is the main point of preference, those willing to handicap themselves were met with a charming surprise.

The video above is from Kotaku’s Youtube channel and shows off what players can expect when cranking down the settings. The game suddenly takes a much more pixelated look almost creating a game that comes from a different generation entirely. It strikes a similar look to the original Dragon Ball games on the Super Nintendo.

Of course, the game keeps the necessary speed to make the entire fight as smooth as it needs to be. While it might be a novelty for the sake of nostalgia, it is an actual option to play the game. Sometimes it can be a little uneasy on the eyes but there is no overlooking how well done it is. All the necessary information is easily readable meaning nothing is lost by getting the look.

This option is only limited to the PC release of the game so console players are stuck with the amazing looking Guilty Gear style. Dragon Ball FighterZ came out last week and is already making waves as an early contender for the fighting game of 2018. Our resident fighting game aficionado Paul put up his review on release day and he was quite taken with the first true DBZ fighter in a long time.

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