Hearthstone patch patches Patches and other pests

Ah Hearthstone balance updates, the only thing that can induce more salt than the problems they’re trying to fix. While it often feels like Blizzard seems to be overdoing things, they do at least make for interesting adjustments. The latest Hearthstone balance patch looks to shake things up for certain cards who have found themselves far too comfortable in almost every deck.

The first change sees Bonemare get its mana cost increased from 7 to 8. This change doesn’t seem too drastic and seems quite fair for what it offers. By slowing the card down, its immediate influence can be staggered a little bit, giving players more time to better prepare.

The next change sees the only update to a card from the latest set and it’s quite a doozy. Corridor Creeper has had a major influence on the game it’s time to see that dialled back a bit. The card becomes cheaper to cast as it stays in your hand and being able to play a 5/5 minion early on in the game becomes quite a nuisance. By changing it to a 2/5 minion, the threat is less immediate and won’t force the removal of the minion as quickly.

Now we move on to changes to a card that people have been wanting since it came out. Patches the Pirate is finally seeing the nerf fans want but it is coming incredibly late in the card’s life. Patches will lose its charge ability in the next update meaning it’ll no longer be able to get 1 damage off of the moment it enters the field. This change is coming as the card is soon to leave the standard format, but this is being done to alleviate its effect on wild.

The last change is being done for a similar reason as Patches but feels a little weird. Raza the Unchained will now make your hero power cost 1 instead of 0 if you play it with no duplicates in your deck. It makes sense as to why it’s being done, being able to refresh the priest’s hero power with Shadowreeper Anduin is pretty common, but given how much has to go into getting that ability it seems like it only affects rare cases where a deck is played perfectly.

And that’s it for this balance update’s changes. Even though changes to four cards may not seem significant, it will most likely change how people approach certain classes. Hopefully, it is able to shake up the meta considerably and that Spell Hunter can finally be the tier 1 deck it deserves to be. These changes will roll out with update 10.2 and as always, you will be able to receive their full dust values from disenchanting them for a certain period after the patch.

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