FIFA tournament forced to play on Xbox One, because of continuous PSN issues

Earlier this week we reported that the PlayStation Network is continuing to experience intermittent connectivity, and while it might be no more than an annoyance to us, the normal consumer, it seems to be having much larger ramifications for Sony and the PlayStation brand.

Eurogamer reported that a big, multi-platform FIFA tournament called the FUT Champions Cup had to be played mostly on Xbox One, because of the intermittent PSN issues. The structure of the tournament sees players from each console duke it out against each other with a finalist of each platform playing against each other on both consoles in a final. But because of the inconsistent connections of PSN, the final turned was played only on Xbox One, which gave the Xbox player an advantage in the final.

While the player might have deserved to win the competition, it does put a bit of a sour note on something that should have been a huge occasion. It also doesn’t put Sony and the PlayStation brand in any kind of good light due to continuous bad publicity regarding PSN. It also doesn’t help that it happened with FIFA, a franchise that has a huge European following, and a stronghold for PlayStation.

Hopefully, all these PSN issues can be resolved soon. As pointed out it might not be anything too nefarious, but rather just some gremlins messing with the system. Being a person that works in that kind of environment, I have some sympathy for the engineers that have to struggle to get everything back to normal again. But on the other hand, we pay a lot of money for the privilege of using this service, so we have all the right to demand that it is on and working when we need it.

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