A new Battlefield is coming this year, Anthem delayed to 2019 because of it

Battlefield 1 was initially a resounding success for EA back in 2016. They did away with the modern warfare in favour of giving you a shovel and fighting in one of the biggest but often skipped wars of the 20th century. It was refreshing, even if the soldiers you played as lived and died a century ago. The game is relatively barren these days on local South African servers, but at a time it was where the party was at. Obviously, everyone has been wondering the same thing: what’s next for the franchise? Well, we’ll be finding out this year.

EA had its Q3 earnings call and highlighted many of its future and ongoing projects, and BioWare’s Anthem was on the docket. The game has received delays already, but there has been another one which sets the game up for an early 2019 release, a few months ahead of the previous Q4 2018 predicted release date. EA told The Wall Street Journal that this delay wasn’t because of the game suffering scheduling problems, but actually because it wants to give their new Battlefield game room to breathe when it releases this October.

Nothing has been revealed about the new game besides the expected release date, but now that we know of its existence, expect some announcements soon. While a little frustrating that Anthem won’t make its debut this year, it’s a good idea on EA’s part because it might have repeated something that didn’t work out so well for them in 2016. That was when Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 released during the same month and due to Battlefield 1’s rampant popularity, Titanfall 2 fell off the radar for many people.

Where do you think the next Battlefield game is going to take place? My money is on World War 2 and for a wildcard, maybe the Vietnam War. There’s a chance that they might just go back to modern times once more and we have yet to see a truly futuristic Battlefield game.

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