Switch outsells Wii U in 10 months, forecast increased to over 17 million by fiscal year end

It feels like a long time ago that it was all doom and gloom for the Big N. Prior to the release of the Nintendo Switch Nintendo had hit an all-time low due to the Wii U being a massive failure. Last year at this time no one had any clue whether the Switch would succeed or be the final nail in the coffin for the once successful gaming company. As history will recall Nintendo are masters at being the comeback kid. The Switch hasn’t just sold well, it’s made a complete mockery of the Wii U.

Nintendo released their latest sales figures as of 31 December that comes to a staggering 14.86 million sold – 1 million more consoles sold than originally estimated. The Wii U, by comparison, had lifetime sales of 13.56 million over a 4-year period. In nine months the Switch sold a total of 52.57 million games, compared to the total of 101.65 million lifetime Wii U software sales. If you’re wondering whether Nintendo is killing it out there – the numbers don’t lie. The forecast for the next fiscal year (31 March 2018) has increased to 17.74 million sales. It sounds like a fairy tale story the game industry needed.

For a closer look at game sales – Super Mario Odyssey reached 9.07 million units sold ahead of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (7.33m), The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (6.7m), and Splatoon 2 (4.91m). Nintendo also confirmed that eight Switch games sold more than one million units in the fiscal year so far outside of the mentioned above – 1-2 Switch (1.88m), Arms (1.61m) and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (1.06m).

That’s not to say that the Switch is an instant blue-eyed boy. Nope, the 3DS is still killing it out there in the wild. It’s sold through 71.99 million units to date and software sales of 360.50 million.

With a console shortage holding the Switch sales number back, strong amiibo sales and the incoming Nintendo Labo it seems Nintendo has once again struck gold. Never ever count Nintendo out of the running. They’ll prove you wrong time and again.

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