Six games better today than at launch

We live in a world where we see more and more games being released in a bit of a sorry state. They’re not always broken, but they are released with some promises not met, with some issues, or sometimes just bugs that needed some ironing out. Sometimes a developer can be blamed for being lazy, but often it is because of them being contractually bound by the publishers to meet certain deadlines. It makes life tough for them, and because of this, games sometimes get rushed out the door to some lacklustre reviews.

But thanks to the ever-connected world we live in, some games get a second chance to shine thanks to a lot of hard work and dedication from those who make and support the game. Here are some of those games that improved quite a bit after release.


DriveClub was supposed to be a launch title with the PlayStation 4, but it saw numerous delays leading up to its eventual 2014 release. The idea of the game was an ever online racing community where you can join clubs and go out and do races with your mates. Unfortunately, the game’s release was plagued by some horrible network and server related issues, which lasted for a couple of months. The issues turned DriveClub into a bit of a joke, even after everything got patched up and fixed. Evolution Studio also put a lot of effort into post-game content and support, releasing several updates, DLCs and car packs to make the driving experience so much better. Unfortunately, the damage was already done and in 2016, Evolution closed their doors. Despite all this, DriveClub still receives support from Sony and there are enough people who play and enjoy the game. It has truly come a long way after stumbling a bit off the starting line.

The Division

The shared-world genre became really popular over the last couple of years, and every major publisher wanted in on the action, and The Division is Ubisoft’s attempt at this. The game was never really bad, just a bit boring and broken at launch. It suffered from the typical Ubi-open world syndrome where the world was a bit barren and bland. It did have the online shared-world element to it, so sharing the world with others made it a bit more bearable. The Dark Zone, an every agent for themselves area of the game, became a notorious as being a bit broken as well.

The Division, however, did end up redeeming itself. Ubisoft continued to supply a steady stream of content and updates since launch. Today, it has become a much more enjoyable experience, and some consider it the best shared-world online game available.

Rainbow Six Siege

Another game that showcases the level of support Ubisoft gives its games. Rainbow Six Siege was pretty well received, with a lot of critics and gamers alike praising the tactical elements and tension in its matches. It is purely a PvP game and some thought the game might get a bit dull once the novelty wears a bit thin. Turns out that is not the case with Ubisoft once again continuing to add content, DLC and updates to improve the game. It’s become one of the most popular online games being played at the moment.

Gran Turismo Sport

The Gran Turismo series is one of PlayStation’s flagship franchises. It has a very dedicated fanbase that know what they want and expect in a GT game. So when Gran Turismo Sport released with some of the core gameplay features not included in the game, people did frown upon it quite a bit. Thankfully, these were added in later and now GT Sport has the dedicated single player mode and races that should have been there from the start. Polyphony Digital also continue to support the game with tracks and cars being released, with more expected down the line. It is still quite a new game, so it can get worse as well, but everything is looking like Gran Turismo Sport is steering in the right direction.

Street Fighter V

Arguably the bigger and best-known fighting game franchise on the planet, Street Fighter V was received quite positively when it released. Unfortunately, the game had a ton of online issues upon release. The game also got a lot of flack for a small fighter roster, no real Single Player mode, some dodge DLC offerings and a litany of bugs. It eventually got improved and the overall package is a lot better today than it was when it released two years ago. Street Fighter V is an esports favourite, so we should see a lot of continued support for the game from Capcom.


Oh, how I miss Destiny. And no, I’m not talking the misguided child of the original. Destiny today is probably the best example of how a game can receive a ton of love and support. The game launched to a lot of fanfare back in 2014, but when it died down, people realised the world was a bit empty. The story was.. questionable and the amount of stuff to do was limited. But over the course of two and a half years, and a dozen or so updates, expansions, events and improvements, Destiny became something truly amazing. There is a lot that can be learned from Bungie on how they managed to steer the ship right. Now, if only they would go and read up a bit in their own playbook.

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