PUBG’s new anti-cheat system will block you if you use Reshade

While PUBG is a really fun game that many people have poured hundreds of hours into, there is still one thing holding it back from true greatness, the cheaters. From wall hacks to speed running I have witnessed a lot of tomfoolery while playing the game, but hopefully today most of the cheaters get what they deserve. Unfortunately, if you are using the massively popular filter program Reshade you will get blocked from playing the game. Apparently, there is a backdoor in the program for cheaters so it makes sense that they are now blocking it. What that means is that you won’t be able to play until you delete it from your game files.

You won’t get banned for using it just blocked, so make sure you have those files deleted as the new update rolls out today. There are other ways to use filters if you are using an Nvidia card via the Geforce Experience app so it’s not the end of the world if you still want to increase sharpness and brightness.

Source: VG247

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