The Burning Question: Do you like your loot mild or spicy?

For years I have been under the impression that I’ve never been and will never be a fan of loot-based games. You know, those titles that all you do in them is loot. Loot for more powerful gear. Loot for more items to trade or just loot because you love having the shiniest thing to show off. Please do not misunderstand me in any way, I am not knocking down loot-based games at all. I am merely trying to point out the fact that loot-based titles can sometimes be obscure or perhaps just have been right under your nose all this time and you’ve never noticed it or perhaps refused to take notice…this is me.

Indeed, titles such as (thanks Wookiee for opening my eyes) Destiny, Diablo, World of Warcraft, Tom Clancy’s The Division and to my biggest surprise Monster Hunter all have one thing in common: looting. We begin the games looting to create bigger/stronger armour, weapons or gear only to reach a certain level within the games to loot some more to create, surprise surprise, bigger/stronger armour, weapons or gear. Obviously, each of these games also has a story entwined within them so that helps obscure the looting however when it boils down to it the core mechanic or principal of the titles are looting. Take one of my favourite franchises, for instance, Monster Hunter has you looting from the get-go. Once you slay or capture a monster you can carve it for loot and the game awards you loot after every successful quest. Once you’ve reached the end of the story within the game what happens thereafter, well many Monster Hunter fans will agree with me when we say that this is where the true game begins. The objective is simple, keep looting for stronger items to craft even more powerful gear that’ll allow you to take on even more powerful monsters that are often introduced post game. Of course, in this case, your loot fights back, quite literally. So, my burning question this week is perhaps a simple yet intriguing one – do you play, like or in any way a fan of loot-based games? What do you think of them in general and like me, have you just never noticed?

  • Jumpy Ghostface
  • I’ve actually only recently jumped into the whole ‘looting’ game. Witcher 3 was first, followed by Assassin’s Creed Origins that I’m playing at the moment. I enjoy it, but I do feel that I always end up with a huge inventory of garbage. Something I still need to get my head around to deal with properly. I do however go a little crazy when I find loot, so guess I’m in the Spicy category.

  • Looking back I have always been drawn by loot games. From the thousands of hours in WoW gathering currency to buy better gear, killing millions of demons in Diablo just for that one piece of gear that will double my DPS or joining other space ninjas on 4 man missions for hours until we get that one last piece of a new frame. And currently I am playing fishing games like crazy just for the pursuit of better rods and reels.

  • VampyreSquirrel

    I love loot based games… sometime the grind is crazy for that specific item you want/need/desire… but all in all I keep going back to looty game. Torchlight, Borderlands, Diablo, Division, Portal Knights, hell even Horizon: Zero Dawn and Tomb Raider (and RotTR) are looty AF.

    Want that upgraded bow? You need to loot all the things to find the parts and the mats.

  • Marko Thabo Swanepoel

    Borderlands 2 was my loot-based game of choice. Played it for hundreds of hours in search of every legendary I could get my hands on. I also like grindy games in general as I find them quite relaxing. I usually put on long videos or podcasts while I’m toiling away so that I can get two birds stoned at once.

  • Valshen

    Considering my terrible luck with loot drops in WoW, I am not sure why I am still there ^.^

    • Because every Wednesday is reset day and you get to take another crack at getting those rare 1% mount drops from old raid bosses 😛

      • Valshen

        Oh I gave up on those. I can’t even get the items I want from current raid -.-

        • I remember doing Firelands back in the day and there was no spirit gear, so I had to fight with mages for their gear xD

  • Buffel

    I think you’re way, way, way oversimplifying the idea of loot based games.

    It’s not just “getting more loot so you can get stronger loot”. It’s “getting loot that allows you to try out this particular character build, which changes your playstyle completely compared to that other character build”

  • DemonGamer

    Wasn’t that bad , usually just played a game till I finish it and the stop. But since then I try to 100% games and in the quest of 100% sometimes you gots to loot. But yeah I’ll say I’m mild , I dabbled in the division (came for the story, replay for the loot) , both the borderlands and even download skyforge.

    I’ve kept it light. The most I’ve done is gta:o and that’s just money .

  • eVolVee

    Borderlands was all about the loot for me, the main story always came second. The variety of spice you get when you loot in that game, man. I’ve driven teammates crazy coz I’d always be off looting somewhere instead of playing the objective 😀

    • Zain Moosa

      Ah yes, I always find myself finishing games with that said loot all within the boxes still!!

  • Also Fortnite!

  • the only loot-based game i played for any significant amount of time was world of warcraft.

    i like rpg’s, but i tend to like them well-defined. [with a start, middle and end.] – so, i played diablo 1 once. and only once. just enough to get the threadbare/lucky packeted story. [ditto for torchlight 1.]

    if it forces you into higher tiers of the same thing after the first run, well…i’m out right there.

    my favourite rpg’s are the ones where there is loot, but the loot matters.

  • MonsterCheddar

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