Into the Breach comes from the FTL team this month

Almost an exact year ago, developer Subset Games announced their next project Into the Breach.  The team is most known for their first game, FTL: Faster Than Light, confirmed today that the near five-year wait for their followup is nearly over.

Into the Breach will be arriving on PC on the 27th of February. In the tweet that announced the news, the team confirmed it will come to Steam, GoG and Humble Bundle. No price has been confirmed just yet.

Into the Breach will be straying away from the intense roguelike survival of FTL to tackle the SRPG genre. The game is focused on the eternal battle of Kaiju versus giant Mecha with the goal of trying to save the world with little collateral damage. Based on the initial reveal trailer, it seems like there will be a lot to take into consideration, especially within the environment.

Outside of the gameplay, however, Into the Breach has attracted some exciting names as part of the project. The legendary Chris Avellone (the writer behind Fallout 2 and Baldur’s Gate), has been working on the story of Into the Breach. One of the greatest features of FTL was the impeccable soundtrack by Ben Prunty who returns to deliver his signature sound.

Into the Breach will finally be arriving after four years of development. The follow-up to FTL, the beloved 2012 roguelike, has been eagerly anticipated for some time. The team did talk to Waypoint last year explaining why they took their time with Into the Breach. In the meantime, the game’s early builds made its way around the industry with many videos showing off gameplay. Below is one such video from Polygon:

Into the Breach is set to unleash grid-based Kaiju tactical warfare on February 28th. While it will only be releasing for PC initially, the team are open to other platforms after some time.

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