Nintendo Switch has 3 times the games The WiiU did, and more good games too

It has been clear for some time that the Switch is doing very well. Especially when compared to it’s ill-named and almost Nintendo-destroying predecessor, the WiiU. In fact, just last week the Switch had already outsold its older brother. However, few would argue that despite its obvious limitations, the WiiU had a surprisingly strong library of games. Hence, the obvious reasoning of porting these successful games to the new console – hello Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and the upcoming Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for starters.


However, a comprehensive and rather interesting study conducted by Kotaku UK has shown that not only does the Switch have three times the amount of games available in its library that the WiiU (and the Wii) had at the same time in its life cycle, but it also has more ‘good’ games.

The study found that, at the time of the conducted research, the Switch had 191 games available, a number only reached by the WiiU almost two and half years later. Also, using data collected from Metacritic, the Switch had well over 40 games with scores of 80% or more. At that same time, the WiiU had less than 20 and only reached the 40+ mark near the end of the period of investigation.

Seems that more and more, Nintendo is proving to be the Rocky Balboa of the console arena. The WiiU hit them hard, yet they keep moving forward, and with the Switch they may just be the unlikely new heavyweight champion.

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