Destiny 2 to revert Nightfall events as per Destiny 1

It seems Bungie has realised that its previous rendition of the Nightfall events worked better and are now dialling it back to what it used to be. The studio confirmed that it will¬†remove the Nightfall’s time limit and are adding a scoring structure based on how many enemies you and your fireteam kill and how many Super orbs you spawn. You can read up on all the detailed changes in the Bungie blog post.

“At 15 minutes, new points earned are reduced by 50 percent. At 18 minutes, you stop earning new points and it’s a race to finish the run and post your score.”

After completing a Nightfall run you’ll get a challenge card drop adding a specific modifier to your next Nightfall run. Modifiers make the strike considerably harder with damage burns or reduce your overall power in exchange for more points.

Shiny new player emblems serve as bragging rights of top scores obtained during the event which track personal best totals. It’s also noted that Bungie will maintain a par scoreline for players to boast their accomplishments via the blue aura effect for your character, and an increased chance of Vanguard token drops. Auras won’t take up specific slots on your character UI anymore, which has been changed back to the Destiny 1 by activating it through displaying one of the Nightfall stat-tracking emblems. A new fixed loadout mode will be making its way to the game’s raid activities to be made live around May, which becomes new standard Prestige experience for raids. This gives you the Nightfall-like modifier and specific weapon type sets for each gun slot.

Previous announcements detailed changes to bring back some of the Destiny 1 feel to Destiny 2, like the ability to pick specific loot from vendors and from Iron Banner has already returned. Six-versus-six play will be made available in Crucible in the future.

Bungie’s taken the time to listen to fans and are incorporating many elements from its previous success, which begs the question, why was it changed in the first place?

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