Meet the crew that will help you take back Hope County

Far Cry 5 is scheduled for release at the end of March, and Ubisoft is starting to ramp up their marketing and promotion of the game. The game sees us head to the fictional Hope County, Montana. which has been overrun by a violent religious cult. Luckily you won’t have to take them on on your own, as there are others that join the resistance and takes the fight to those bunch of zealots.

This is what is shown in the latest trailer for Far Cry 5. These are the characters that will support you and join you on your missions, and each will have a very different and distinct playstyle to them, which brings in some variety to the game. Gameplay will vary from air support, a sniper, to a dude that just likes blowing stuff up. And off course Boomer, the adorable mutt who enjoys scouting the area for you, and ripping out throats. Because who’s a good boy? Yes, you’re a good boy!

Far Cry 5 is slated for release on 27 March on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

  • DemonGamer

    80% getting this because of Boomer.

  • Valshen

    Who needs friends when you have a best friend?

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