Splinter Cell: Conviction appears out of the shadows and is backwards compatible on Xbox One

You have to hand it to Microsoft, they’ve done a grand job with the backwards compatible feature on the Xbox One. At present, it’s the only current generation console that supports games from the previous generation (unless you, of course, want to count all the ports and remasters on Switch and PS4). The number of Xbox 360 games has grown substantially since the feature has been introduced and now you’ll get to play an Xbox 360 classic many fans has been crying out for.

Splinter Cell: Conviction is now backwards compatible on the Xbox One. Think back to the launch in 2010 and some of you might recall the raw deal it received. It featured a younger Sam with someone other than Michael Ironside voicing the iconic character. The gameplay also changed up slightly, even though I will admit that I think Chaos Theory is still the best game in the series to date, but this game ended up being a great fit for a modern-day Splinter Cell game. What made this particular outing unique is that Sam was running from the law and trying to take down a deadly terrorist.

If you’re keen to give it a shot you’ll be glad to hear it’s been marked down by 50% this week:

Either way, it’s on the Xbox One right now if you’ve been craving a Splinter Cell game and you can watch the original launch trailer below:

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