Check out Tanglewood, a brand new game for the SEGA Mega Drive

Yeah, you read that headline right. A brand new game developed for a console that is more than 20 years old. This was of course done by a passionate fan rather than SEGA themselves, but it is quite an interesting story.

Matt Phillips, a developer from the UK made a new game called Tanglewood for the SEGA Mega Drive using nothing but the technology available to the people who made games for the console back in the 1990s, which was a Mega Drive Development Kit hooked up to a PC running Windows 95. He even went so far as to ask a Chinese company to help him get the game on a Mega Drive cartridge. He said he wanted to make something with the restrictions of the old console, as it afforded a ton of different challenges you might not expect in today’s age. He even reached out to SEGA to officially licence the game, but according to Phillips, it doesn’t have the structures in place anymore to do such a thing. It did, however, give him its blessing, which is nice.

Phillips intends to port Tanglewood over to modern PCs, but there is something kind of romantic about having a new game on a very old console. But seriously, this dude needs a medal or something, using something so ancient to create something brand new.

Check out an interview and some detail on the development process on

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