Let it Die reaches a spooky four million downloads

Let it Die has continued its screams of insanity for over a year now. The legendarily off-beat developer Suda51’s free-to-play Dark Souls-esque nightmare factory hit in late 2016. While the game didn’t make big waves throughout 2017, over the year it has made quite the growth.

The official Twitter account for the game announced that since launch, Let it Die has been downloaded four million times. This is another big milestone for the F2P title which has routinely shared its big download numbers. Just a month after launch the game celebrated hitting a million players and as of May had hit three million. It has taken the game nine months to achieve an additional million downloads but it still shows continued interest in Suda’s punk-grunge hellscape.

While Let it Die might have been quiet throughout 2017, that does not mean publisher GungHo and developer Grasshopper Manufacture were not working on the project. Throughout the year there were constant updates, collaboration projects and events for all those seeking the Tower of Barbs’ treasure. With the game hitting its second year, the studio has promised more to come with a trailer released just a fortnight ago.

Let it Die broke out of its cage in early days of December 2016. It stood out as the Suda lunacy players have come to expect and a niche crowd loves. The game notoriously came from the remains of Suda’s original “Next-Gen” PlayStation 4 project, Lily Bergamo. While some fans were disappointed, Let it Die became a hit in its own right.

Let it Die has already started its second-year celebrations. While there is no number on the current player count, the downloads do indicate continued interest from fans. To celebrate four million downloads, the team will be holding a stream on the 27th of February. Let it Die is available for free on PlayStation 4 with optional in-game purchases.

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