Multiplayer mechanics detailed for Code Vein

More news comes streaming in steadily on Code Vein’s development and this time Bandai Namco have shared some news on the multiplayer elements and how you can assist or call for assistance from strangers in order to accomplish your goals.

The premise of The QUEEN Project was to undergo a series of experiments in order to suppress the third of homogeneous blood for Revenants. The reason was to cultivate an army of the best soldiers imaginable. One girl test subject bolted for the door after enduring hours of excruciating pain from the experiments and is subsequently now known as QUEEN (image in header). We were introduced to two new characters in Famitsu magazine, namely Karen (CV: Yumi Hara), a collaborator of Project QUEEN and Louis’ sister, along with Chris Silva, Project QUEEN test subject.

Code Vein will allow you to send out distress signals to request help from players that meet the requirements. You’ll still be able to play with your AI buddy during your stint with another rescue player. The Bloodforge ability, also known as Blood Smelting, is an action that becomes available when using the Blood Veil to suck blood from the Lost. With this you can use buffs, debuffs, direct attacks, etc. All these abilities benefit both you and your rescue partner from your Buddy’s Bloodforge. You can communicate with each other using emotions through a combination of “Voice,” “Gesture,” and “Stamp” mechanics.

Not sure how the requirements pairing system will pan out, perhaps a level sync would suffice but could see many individuals not meeting said requirements and unable to call for help.

Code Vein releases in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Siliconera

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