Sony survey suggests that PSN name changes may be coming soon

Every time there is a post on Sony’s official blog, there’s always a contingent of angry people in the comments begging for Sony to allow them to change their PSN name. Sony has been so lax in this seemingly easy to implement feature that it has become a meme of sorts. They would tout their newest revolutionary line-up of games or their new hardware advancements and there will always be one person saying “but when can I change my PSN name, though?”. It’s such a small thing to ask for, but it has taken so long for them to just give it to us. However, never fear person whose name is riddled with the letter X and has 69 somewhere in there, there might still be hope.

Pushsquare happened upon a survey that was sent to a number of people to see what their opinion is on the feature and whether they’d be interested in it. Within the survey, they give a basic outline of how the feature would work, namely that you can change your name every six months and if you want to change it back, you’ll have to go through customer support. While not giving you boundless opportunities to change your name, it’d still be better than being shackled with the ID you created a decade ago on the PS3. And we all know how easy it was to make a mistake back then with your tag.

This isn’t saying that the feature is definitely coming and the survey actually states “We can’t be sure whether this feature will be added or not, but we can be sure your opinions on the matter will be heard”. But this all feels like a relic of the past. Every service on this green Earth allows you to change your name in some capacity and all the other major manufacturers allow for a feature such as this. I love you Sony, but why do you even need a survey? Just do it already.

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