Kingdom Come: Deliverance bug fixes expected in the next two weeks

Earlier this week we reported that the upcoming ultra-realistic medieval RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance has a sizable 23GB day one patch attached to it, but it looks like there are more updates expected over the next few weeks to help exterminate some bugs that are still hanging around.

According to a tweet by Creative Director at Warhorse Studio, Daniel Vavra, they are aware of the bugs that might creep into the game and will be patching things up in the next few weeks:

It is nothing new for freshly released games to get some updates shortly after release in order to improve optimisation and fix bugs, but what is notable is the acknowledgement and transparency about it from the Czech based studio. It’s also not the biggest development house, so it will take some time for them iron out all the kinks in the armour. I’m also pretty sure we can expect a lot of support for the game going forward. What is it with these nice guys Eastern European Studios?

Source: PC Gamer

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