Rumour: Spyro the Dragon flaming his way back onto the PS4

According to Kotaku UK, citing various sources, your favourite cartoony prehistoric purple reptile is on his way back. No not him, but the other guy. Yes, Spyro the Dragon is returning to a Sony Platform. It seems Insomniac Games’ unofficial mascot of yesteryear is following in Crash Bandicoot’s footprints, with a remastered trilogy apparently being worked on by Activision. Plus, an official announcement may not be too far off. Laura Kate Dale, writing for Kotaku UK, mentions that:

Activision is currently working on a Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remaster, which will be announced in March 2018 and released in Q3 2018. 

This is not a huge surprise, with the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy having done so well. So we can probably expect the same overall treatment, with some audio and visual upgrades, an improved save feature and possibly some small extra bonus ‘previously unreleased’ type content all mentioned as likely improvements. The series is said to include the original Spyro the DragonRipto’s Rage! and Year of the Dragon.

At the start, the games will be released exclusively on the PS4. Interestingly, however, it seems this will be a one-year timed exclusive. This is a similar deal which the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is said to be under. As the first year for that property nears its end, rumours have been flying around that Crash will be making his debut on other platforms including the Nintendo Switch. Hence, I would not be surprised if in about a year from now we are talking about similar rumours about this purple flying reptile – after all, sharing is caring right? Oh, wait, no, that’s the other guy again…

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    • Jumpy Ghostface

      now we wait for the Ape Escape remakes

      • Timóteo Da Silva

        And croc too

        • Jumpy Ghostface

          and Jersey Devil(If bubsy can get a reboot why not him?) and Toba and Syphon Filter and the list goes on…

    • Timóteo Da Silva

      A Spyro fan then?

  • Finally, Spyro dropped from the Skylanders nonsense for a traditional return. If Crash Bandicoot never sold as well it would never have happened. Thank goodness Sony asked them to do it.

    • Timóteo Da Silva

      As always – thank you Crash Bandicoot

  • Valshen

    Oh hey look, that one Skylander is getting his own game! *hides*

    • Timóteo Da Silva

      Ha ha

  • Solid Snake


    • Timóteo Da Silva

      Excited then?

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