Weapon Tutorials: Monster Hunter World’s long sword

Every professional within a trade knows that if the right tool is used for the job then it’s an easy one. The same can be said about hunting. It is, after all, a profession within the world of Monster Hunter and using the right tools, or rather in this instance, the right weapon makes slaying monsters a piece of cake. However, having a choice of 14 unique tools how does one choose the proper tool? Well to answer this we will have to first look into each one.

It’s no surprise that the learning curve of Monster Hunter has always been steep but with the success that is Capcom’s now number one selling title of all time Monster Hunter World, that’s changed a bit. Since launch, the game has seen an increase in fans and has been the talk of the town…in some areas. But even with its success, it is still clear that there are many aspects of the game that just remain obscured. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be trying to go through as many of the weapon sets as we can to try and determine the best ways to utilise them. And thanks to Monster Hunter veteran and YouTuber Arekkz Gaming, we have video footage as well as information on the best ways to utilise these tools of destruction. So let’s kick things off with one of my favourites, the long sword.

In my experience, the Long Sword has always been a well-balanced weapon. It combines not only speed and power but also has the reach that allows players to hit whilst keeping a good distance away from the monster. The only downfall of the long sword is the fact that you’re unable to block or defend with it but hey with speed and power who needs to defend right? Another added benefit with the long sword is that every attack that is performed charges up a gauge known as the spirit gauge. This increases the attack damage of the weapon and unlocks spirit blade attacks. Another bonus is that whilst performing combos with the long sword the wielder is often able to roll out of the way,. cutting the combo short and protecting themselves from damage. What’s more is that the wielder is able to perform what is known as the Foresight Slash. It allows the users to slash while dodging the monster or enemy and immediately perform a counterattack. The spirit gauge has three levels, with each level making attacks more powerful. The levels from stage one are white, yellow and then red. Once the spirit gauge reaches stage one, the player will be able to utilise a move known as the Spirit Helm Breaker, which is the weapons most powerful and if I might say so most flashy attack. Most importantly when a Spirit Helm Breaker connects with its target the player’s spirit gauge will begin to fill for a limited time. Obviously, the higher the level the faster the gauge will fill so it is best to perform the attack on the red level of the spirit gauge.

So on to the actual tutorial side of things the basics for a Long Sword user are (on PS4):

Triangle = Overhead Slash
Circle = Thrust
Triangle + Circle = Fade Slash (extremely useful to hit and dodge!)
Triangle + R2 = Spirit Thrust
R2 = Spirit Blade
R2 + Circle = Foresight Slash (an attack that dodges backwards first with invulnerability frames)
R2 + Triangle followed by Triangle or Circle = Spirit Helm Breaker (unfortunately your gauge has to be filled)
4 x Triangle(combo) = Two Overhead Slashes, Thrust and Rising Slash
4 x R2 (combo) = Spirit combo. When the spirit gauge is close to full the fourth R2 hit will add a level to the spirit gauge.
(This attack uses spirit gauge, however, this attack will not bounce off the monster)

All in all the long sword is an amazing weapon to start off with. It gives beginners the well-needed confidence boost and it is a monster in itself in the hands of veterans. The most important advice I can give you whilst hunting with a long sword is to please be mindful of your teammates. With having the reach that it has, the weapon can often hit not only the target at hand but also trip your teammates and thus creating frustration for everyone involved.

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