The Evil Within 2 gets an official first-person mode in new update

Since the dawn of third-person games, people have always tried to find ways to cheat the system and make them play in first-person. The reason for why is probably obvious; most are just curious what it would look like. We’ve seen mods all over the place for games such as Dark Souls and Gears of War being played in first-person. The same happened to The Evil Within 2, the third-person survival horror game. It wasn’t too difficult to get into first-person mode on PC since it was already there and just had to be toggled within a console command. Since people used it so much, they decided to just officially implement it into the main game for all platforms.

Producer Shinsaku Ohara had the following to say about the mode:

We like to think of it as a ‘high-level hack’ so we don’t want people to compare this with DOOM or anything like that. There were some scenes that just didn’t work, so it jumps back and forth a bit to third-person. But we made sure the game’s an enjoyable experience and hopefully people will enjoy playing in this mode.

While I won’t say it was exactly a “high-level hack”, the game certainly wasn’t meant to be played in this way, but to provide the option to be toggled in the options for the game doesn’t really hurt. Some people do prefer first-person and even if some concessions need to made to facilitate it, the option to use it is welcome. It’s surprising and quite admirable that they just rolled with this, but it’s a nice little feature to add to your existing game and maybe a good incentive for another playthrough. The mode will be made available in the game’s 1.04 update that has been released already, so if you want to brown up your pants while looking through the eyes of a detective, your time is now.

There’s a trailer for the mode below, but be wary of some potential spoilers in there.

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