Did FIFA 18 pass the test on the Switch? Nintendo France says EA ‘really satisfied’

FIFA on Nintendo has never really quite worked. At least in recent memory, it has been more Third Divison than Premier League. However, with the Switch, it seems we finally had a chance to get a good FIFA game on a Nintendo platform. Plus, the idea of playing FIFA on-the-go was really something to look forward to, especially with the possibilities of playing with a friend using just one console.

Really, FIFA 18 on the Switch had a lot going for it. However, for those of us that have played it, it is not crazy to feel a little cheated. For those of you that haven’t, check out our review of the game for a great explanation of what it is lacking. Yes, the graphics were better than expected and the playing with friends was good (as long as you were sharing the Switch). But, the lack of the many modes available on the versions released to other platforms, not to mention the lack of online play with friends, was really disappointing. This frustration only increased when we heard that EA was using FIFA 18 as a sort of litmus test to determine whether or not to bring future versions to the Switch. Surely, it deserved a fuller version of the game so the response (positive or negative) would be more accurate? With this watered-down, Sunday-morning 5-a-side version, the numbers would obviously be low because who wants half of FIFA 18, right?

Despite our concerns, it seems EA is already “very satisfied” with the 73,000 physical units sold in France. That is according to Philippe Lavoué, general manager of Nintendo France, when being interviewed in Les Numeriques. When asked about whether the latest Switch numbers would lead to the return of developers after the great exodus of the WiiU era, he said:

FIFA 18 d’Electronic Arts a fait 73,000 unités (sans le digital) L’éditeur est très satisfait… Fifa était pour eux un test-match. Ce qui est intéressant pour eux, c’est que nous allons entrer dans la phase d’accélération des ventes de la console en fonction du cycle de vie. FIFA l’année de la coupe du monde, en portabilité sur Switch, on peut imaginer qu’ils pourront sans problème doubler la mise.

Electronic Arts’ FIFA 18 produced 73,000 physical units (not to mention digital versions) and the developer is very satisfied… FIFA was a test case for them. What is interesting about that, is that we are now going into a phase of accelerated sales in the console’s lifespan. With it being a FIFA World Cup year, and the portability of the Switch, we can imagine that they will be able to easily double sales.

Whether or not this will be the case remains to be seen, however, it is clear that Switch numbers indicate that Nintendo once again has a platform with a massive attach rate. Hence, it does make sense for FIFA to be a real player on this console, especially with its massive popularity in almost every country around the world except for the US. The game is hugely popular here in SA. We can only hope there is more truth in this rumour than Delle Alli’s latest shout for a penalty. We look forward to a more fully-fledged FIFA game on the Switch in the future with more Ronaldo hat trick-like successes… and less Claudio Bravo-like howlers.

(Translation: Rosalynn Da Silva)

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