Rainbow Six Siege will be getting local Azure servers soon

Rainbow Six Siege was a surprising success that came out of nowhere for Ubisoft. What initially started as a great team-based multiplayer shooter turned into a years-long service with constant updates and expansions that drastically changed the game. There are more users than ever for the game and Ubisoft have really doubled down on their support for the title, delivering more features, operators and technical enhancements for the game. Us South Africans have struggled a little bit thanks to the servers not being ideal, but thanks to a recent announcement, that may be a thing of the past and additionally, it might be a precursor to some very welcome change to our online ecosystem.

During the Rainbow Six Siege 2018 Invitational, the news was dropped that South Africa will be receiving new Azure servers that will drastically improve the game’s connectivity. You can find the spot where it was announced below:

This can mean many things. The first and most obvious improvement is the connectivity for Rainbow Six Siege, but the fact that an Azure server is being implemented in South Africa can mean potential future improvements for many titles moving forward outside of just Rainbow Six Siege. Avid local players of the title have been begging for a local African server for a long time and that request is finally being filled ahead of Ubisoft’s many future plans for the game. We’ll see how the presence of an Azure server changes our general online connectivity moving forward, but it’s wonderful to see that the South African player base is finally being recognised.

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